Elder Update

Q4 2017


Financial Update

  • Very thankful for God’s continued provision over 17.5 years of ministry.
  • Thankful to God for your generous giving to our general fund.
  • We are running a little behind budget, but are seeking to manage our expenses to our income. Please join us in asking the Lord to make up this shortfall over the remainder of the year.
  • There are many who call Harvest London their church home, but are not regular in their giving or do not give at all. Please prayerfully consider, if you haven’t already, to put God first in your finances, by faith, according to the commands in His Word.
  • If you haven’t already, would you switch over to online giving? This helps us immensely with the internal processing of donations. Contact karen@harvestlondon.ca to switch.


Serving Needs

  • We are thankful for the 275+ people who serve in Children’s ministry and the way this vital ministry faithfully and effectively serves the families in our church. God has blessed us with a lot of young families and so our needs continue to grow. 
  • In light of this, we still need an additional 40 people to serve at least one service each month.
  • We would especially ask all parents who have a child or children in this ministry to sign up to serve once a month. If we cannot meet the requirement of adult supervision and care in the classrooms, we may need to consider requiring parents who use ministry to serve one service each month, as this is what many churches do and is not unreasonable in light of the high volume of servers needed.
  • Other teams need help as well, so please consider joining our security team, greeters team, or our parking lot team.


Facility Update

  • Our elders have been praying for about a year about what to do regarding our future facility needs. In discussions with our staff, we are all in full agreement that we see our future being at our current location and not at our Colonel Talbot property for a variety of reasons, the two main ones being cost and location.
  • Costs have gone up significantly since the time we almost started to build. We now estimate the costs at $10-$12 million dollars to build. This means we would need to raise about $4-6 million more and would still have a mortgage of about $3-6 million. After having raised $4 million already, we do not see our church being able to raise that much more. Also, our elders have no interest in a big mortgage which could cripple our ministry.
  • Therefore, we have engaged an architect to help us conduct a feasibility study of staying in our current building. We are looking at it from three perspectives:
  1.   Keeping the building functional and up to code, but making no substantial changes.
  2.   Adding on to the back the minimum space needed for an increased lobby area, classrooms, offices, and bringing the current building up to code.
  3.   Adding a larger addition on the back with lobby, classrooms, offices, and a gym for a long-term functional space as well as bringing the current building up to code.
  • When the Ministry of Environment in Toronto stopped our project and we tried for two years to get it going, we responded by choosing to thank God and praise Him even though it made no sense to us.
  • It has become clear that God was saying, and is saying, “no” to Colonel Talbot.
  • Therefore, our elders recently made the decision to put our property on Colonel Talbot up for sale. With developers actively planning subdivisions all around that property, we believe now would be an optimum time to sell the property.
  • Please pray for wisdom and direction in this feasibility study and please be in prayer that if this is God’s will, for us to sell Colonel Talbot, someone would give us a very good offer.
  • We will communicate the options for our current building when our feasibility study is complete, and ask you for prayer and input, and will update you as we know more about the sale of the Colonel Talbot property.


GCC Update

  • As mentioned a few weeks ago, Harvest Bible Fellowship ceased to exist in the USA this past June when James MacDonald resigned as president and essentially rendered the Fellowship non-operational.
  • Therefore, the US Harvest churches needed to create a new charity, re-establishing an association which Harvest churches could now join. This new US organization is called The Great Commission Collective (GCC). 
  • The GCC has asked all Harvest churches to consider joining with them to work together in strengthening and planting churches globally as we did together under Harvest Bible Fellowship.
  • In Canada, since we already had a separate Canadian charity, we now need to consider if we will change the name of our association from Harvest Bible Fellowship Canada to GCC Canada. Also, each of the Canadian Harvest churches need to decide if they want to be a part of GCC USA. 
  • Confused yet? There are many moving parts on this with everything changing for all of us.  Bottom line: All Harvest churches are continuing to function as before as each of us are our own charity and run by our own elder teams. A new association will develop with as many Harvest churches that wish to join. Whatever results, it is and will be completely separate from James and his church, as that relationship is over.
  • Many meetings, phone calls, and discussions are happening as all of us are seeking God’s leading on all these things, so please be praying for all involved.
  • Our desire is to not be alone as a church, but to be a part of the new collective. However, we still need to better understand what this new thing is before making that decision.
  • We hope to have a family chat update for you late fall as things become clearer.