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    TueMay242011 ByPenny LairdTaggedbeauty Biblical womanhood modesty television
    I came across an article that caught my attention written by Albert Mohler called Screen Test: The Danger of Digital Fixation in which he discusses the findings of Dr. Perri Klass who is warning parents that the screen, either television or video screen, might be a very real danger. Now I thought, wow, there aren't too many people who will take that topic on. A while ago, I had read a book called Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television written by Jerry Mander which had a very similar warning. It was difficult for me to judge if the author was a reliable source because so few people talk about the fact that digital screens might be a problem.  It is certainly a topic that needs discussion, discernment and may even need a bit of self control. Click here to see the article by Dr. Mohler :  Click here to see an overview of the Four Arguments book by Jerry Mander on Wikipedia:

    Speaking of good websites, I was directed to one that immediately grabbed my attention. I've checked it out and it is a great resource for women on what Biblical womanhood looks like in the day to day 'ordinaries' of life. It is produced by C.j. Mahaney's wife, Carolyn and their three grown daughters. It has some great stuff on modesty as well as a host of other topics like prayer, fear, feelings, good works and beauty. Check it out here:

    Penny Laird
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